Paximum Is Growing on the American Continent

Paximum continues to grow on the American continent with the structuring of the Dominican Republic after Argentina.

Fitur, one of the important events of the tourism sector, was held in Madrid on January 18-22, 2023. Paximum Board Member Mustafa Türk stated in his statement that they continue to grow and said the following:

“The Fitur, which we attended as a maximum, went very well for us. Fitur has been useful in terms of new connections, agreements and partnerships in the American geography, where we are already active.

As a maximum, we are operating in Latin America based in Argentina as of 2021 and we have signed very successful businesses. Our desire to spread more in these geographies and to appeal to a wider audience continues.

the year 2023 has started well for us, and we are glad that we will start our activities in Central America in line with our goals. In this context, Çağıl Beylan started his studies in the Dominican Republic as the Director of the Americas. The Dominican Republic is the only country in the whole world that has increased the number of visitors in the 2019-2022 comparison and in this regard received 8,500,000 visitors last year. Mexico, which is located in the same region, receives over 35 million visitors annually. We want to continue our successes in Latin America based in Argentina and in Central America based in the Dominican Republic. We will move forward step by step to our goals all over the American continent.”