Quality Management Awards - 2018

Paximum is a technology company that distributes its services to the Tour Operators, B2B Sales Agencies and Global Online Sales Channels of the Travel Industry of Global Hotel Suppliers and Agencies that carry out Local Incoming activities as a subsidiary of San Tourism Software Group with 25 years of experience.

Paximum, which directly contributes to the Turkish Tourism and Global travel movement, strengthens the global competition of local agencies and increases the reservation sales of hotels by integrating the supplier incoming agencies into a special supply chain.

The control of the quotas and prices distributed in the Paximum sales network is entirely between the Hotel and the Supplier agency, and Paximum makes the most effective distribution of products by consolidating the supplier agencies. Alternative markets and hotels / agencies that are expecting warranty sales are growing with Paximum and increase their income in the distribution network of Paximum with their own conditions.

As of 2018, Paximum has nearly 150 Global and Local supplier integration. With more than 50 XML / API customers including Amadeus, Webbeds, 60,000 B2B sales agent portfolio, and 200,000 Pax sales capacity per year, it makes a high contribution to the travel industry every year.