TravelgateX's Guest of Honor was Paximum from Turkey

Erol Türk, our chairman of the board of SAN TSG, made evaluations on the agenda of the valuable journalist Halil Öncü who contributed to the industry with tourism news.

Chairman of the board Erol Türk also added that; “We continue to receive software requests from abroad. We saw the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity for ourselves and by producing new generation products, we support our customers especially with mobile products, and journalist Halil Öncü gave the following interview.

We continue to receive software requests from abroad!

In addition to Sejour, the strongest brand in the industry, Erol Türk, chairman of the board of SAN TSG, which continues with the Paximum brand established in 2013, stated that they consider the Pandemic era as an opportunity, while they continue to receive software requests from abroad. demands continue to come. We had a project in Portugal. We had a big project in Tunisia. We have a few projects in global diameter in Turkey. And we expect to give good news within our projects in 2021 with a huge brand in the world age, ”he said.

There is a light in front of us at the end of the tunnel!

“The Pandemic was an opportunity for us to do some of our projects,” Erol Türk said in his statement. At this stage, we can say that we cleaned our kitchen a little. We tried to support our customers with completely new generation products and especially the mobile products. At this stage, we supported our customers working from home with the mobile products we distribute for free. Again with our Paximum product, we continued to serve the datas we collected from our customers to the world. At the end of the day, we remained above the overall average, but we're still far from our goals. While aiming for a growth close to 100%, unfortunately we remained at 60% of the last year. I can say right now that in the statistics we made from the calls to the system, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully we will recover a little more in 2021. I think we will come to 60-70% levels according to 2019. Our expectations are in this direction, ”he said.

We were very proud of the KÖK award!

Erol Türk, who added that they were deemed worthy of the award in the category of those who add importance to the city in the digital Innovation category and that they were proud of this, among the City Importance Sellers Awards given by the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) for the first time this year. thank you very much. Because they deemed us worthy of the award in the category of those who add importance to the city in the digital innovation branch. They received us with our Hotel Secure product for this award. Our Hotel Secure product is also a reservation, confusion system that provides internal communication between our agencies and hotels. About 150 Incoming companies communicate with thousands of hotels only and only with this channel. In this way, with the front office integrations, manpower is an important product with the savings we save on nature. For nearly six years, we have been giving this product completely free, ”he said.